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This course is to support students with their daily homework on any subject throughout the academic year.

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Prepaze Academy provides excellent college counseling services for high school students to help them find a school that perfectly suits their needs.

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Why choose us?

Every child is unique. And so must be their learning path. At Prepaze Academy, we cherish providing flexible in-person tutoring and fostering individual excellence of students via tailored learning programmes


Friendly Tutors

With caring and highly trained tutors, you can rest easy on your kid's future, as our tutors build a strong basic foundation in a fun way.


Safe Space

We carefully ensure providing a safe and open space for students to express and clarify their doubts without any fear.


Curriculum made for schools

Our curriculum is designed in such a way that is closely aligned with school curriculum. So we can guarantee that our students excel at their schools.


Hyper Personalized Learning

We make learning fun and exciting for your kids by teaching and engaging with them through their preferred learning style and motivational boosters.

Resources and Facilities

Explore our array of resources and state-of-the-art facilities. From cutting-edge technology to cozy study spaces, we provide everything you need for an optimal learning experience.


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