About us

Celebrating and nourishing uniqueness

Prepaze Academy specializes in providing a personalized education for K-12 students with a high-quality supplemental learning curriculum. With friendly and qualified tutors and with easy-to-use technological support we ensure that each student gets to excel at school and ace competitive exams.


Meet our Founder

CEO and Founder of ACE companies

Shenba Chockalingam always had a lifelong passion for learning, which she is using to revolutionize the education field every day. Prepaze started as Shenba was doing a favor for a family friend needing one-on-one tutoring for school—but that has since bloomed into a full-time, multifaceted business providing educational support for students across the country.

Shenba’s home base is still with the Prepaze Academy tutoring center in Dublin, CA, offering classes for all school subjects, GATE testing, SAT/ACT preparation, and its college counseling program. She further developed Prepaze as a platform allowing parents to match their children with tutors around the world, each one specializing in any subject a student would need assistance excelling in.

Shenba also publishes support workbooks through Ace Academic Publishing in Math, English, Reading, and Writing for K-8 levels. Above all, Shenba is a mother who knows how important stress management is to student success. Her teaching style—promoting a focus on academic excellence, while still staying centered around emotional well-being—has helped thousands of students across the country reach their dreams today.

Our Journey


We started as a small group of motivated academic coaches, hoping to create a world of personalized education that promoted affordability and quality.

We started with the dream to impact students worldwide, providing them with an education that breaks away from the normal standards.

We worked day in and day out to simplify imparting knowledge through digital tools and to create a platform where children are promised academic help when they need it!

2018Founded Ace Academy

Our idea began to blossom as we introduced our first Ace Academy (Prepaze Academy) tutoring center in Dublin, CA.

Our mission was to connect with students to understand their needs, whether it be one on one or in group lesson environments.

Which is why we developed Ace Academy to offer high-quality, effective supplemental learning curriculums for students across the K-12 levels.

Founded Ace Academy
2020Founded UNIK

We believe in offering an inclusive education for everyone, that was our initial goal from the start.

Our desire is to meet the needs of all students, which led us to finding and integrating Unik, a cloud-based learning management software designed to make personalized teaching easier for students and tutors alike.

The goal of the Unik platform is to allow schools and institutions to purchase just one solution to serve all students across an individualized spectrum!

Founded UNIK
2021Rebranded to Prepaze Academy

With increasing demand and positive feedback from parents, we rebranded our learning center to Prepaze Academy.

This rebranding gave a better alignment to our new vision and mission statements that are crafted during the covid times. We believed that post-pandemic, the center needed a paradigm shift.

We are now focusing on providing an open environment where students could be vulnerable and become their best selves by overcoming their fears with holistic support and encouragement.

Rebranded to Prepaze Academy

How do we differ from other learning institutes?

Multiple curriculum options

We allow our families to choose to follow their child’s school curriculum or follow our carefully crafted advanced learning curriculum.

Personalized learning path

Extended support system

Open and growth focused culture

Behavioral enrichment


Our Vision

We envision providing an open learning environment where students enjoy learning and gain the confidence and skills to excel at school academically.

We intend our centers to be a place that students look forward to coming to, where they can express their doubts and curiosities without any inhibitions or pressure of judgments.

Our Mission

Every child is unique. And so must be their learning path.

At Prepaze Academy, we cherish providing flexible in-person tutoring and fostering individual excellence of students via tailored learning programs.

Core Values

Being passionate and motivated

We hire tutors who share our vision and the passion for making a difference in the students' lives. So we find tutors who are passionate about the subject they are teaching and ensure that they remain motivated to provide engaging lessons to students. We train the teachers to keep the environment warm, welcoming, and friendly.

Everyone is unique

Exclusively inclusive


Learner Outcomes

All the programs at Prepaze Academy aim to achieve the following learner outcomes.

Our program curriculums are continually improved from students' and parents' feedback and we incorporate the best practices followed across the globe to train our tutors to provide engaging learning experiences to deliver these outcomes.

  1. An increased confidence level of students

    An increased confidence level of students

  2. Able to connect and apply concepts taught in real-life situations

    Able to connect and apply concepts taught in real-life situations

  3. Love for learning

    Love for learning

  4. Improvement in School grades

    Improvement in School grades