Introducing Prepaze Academy’s
An interactive summer journey offering a multitude of fun-filled activities while preparing students for the upcoming school year
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We heard you!
This summer, Prepaze Academy is holding an unparalleled array of offerings to cater to every type of student, from the artists to the mathletes.
Full Day Club
Engage kids from 9 am to 5 pm with Math and English preparation along with 2 exciting supplemental programs.
Half Day Club
Engage kids from 9 am to 1 pm / 1 pm to 5pm with Math and English preparation along with an exciting supplemental program.
Individual Club
Choose a set of specific programs of yours and your kid's liking at a convenient time
Fun filled Clubs
Engaging and fun-filled summer programs
Elementary School Squad
Get your kid ready for their upcoming year’s Math, English, and Science classes through Common-Core-based preparation
Middle School Squad
Get your kid ready for their upcoming year’s Math, English, and Science classes through Common-Core-based preparation
High School Squad
Start your preparation for the SAT/ACT this summer, or get a head start on your AP curriculum to secure a score of 5 next May
Coding Crew
Enter the world of computer science and explore languages like JavaScript and Python, or start with the basics through programs like Scratch.
Enrichment Club
Put on your analytical thinking caps and join students of all age groups learning new chess techniques, engage in riveting debates, or work to build robots that can toss balls to each other!
Creative Hub
Whip out your paints and work with your instructors to delve into a variety of artistic projects and techniques, all while learning the intricacies of photography and editing
June 6, 2022 to August 12, 2022
10 weeks
Available for all the courses
9 AM to 5PM PST
Engaging Programs
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Why Choose Prepaze Academy’s Summer Program
We ensure that our programs allow students to enjoy the excitement of summer!
Unique activities like 3D modeling and Calligraphy are only offered in our program
Exceptionally well-qualified instructors from many backgrounds
An inclusive group of students across many age groups
Nowhere else can you prepare as strongly for the next school year in a fun manner!
Certification for all the summer programs with 25% early bird off
Ensuring your child’s safety
Our students’ health is our priority
Our vaccinated and masked teachers, as well as our regularly sanitized learning center, are taking all precautions necessary to ensure students can remain healthy.
Masks always worn
Hands frequently washed and sanitized
Classrooms disinfected daily
Learning pods spaced out
Hear from our customers
Client Testimonials
Thank you for bringing such a top-class summer academic program to Tri-Valley. Summer Camp was an exceptional opportunity for my daughter, and she's had a better time than she would have with me!
As a parent, my expectations were exceeded each and every day. The small, yet important, details are never overlooked at a Prepaze Academy's summer camp.
Flashback of summer camp 2021