Find the perfect school for your child

Prepaze Academy is a proud member of NACAC

About College Counseling Services

Prepaze Academy provides excellent college counseling services for high school students to help them find a school that perfectly suits their needs. We help our students every step of the way so that they handle the onus of the college application process with ease.

We will help you with

Find the perfect school that is right for you

Strategically plan and schedule your SAT/ACT and subject tests

Know how to use Early Admission/Decision applications wisely

Show off your winning qualities and shine in the interviews

Learn how to make your application essays stand out

Manage your deadlines with support

Apply and receive merit scholarships and financial aid from your dream college so you graduate without excessive debt

Add additional compelling materials such as videos to your college application

Identifying internships and volunteering opportunities

Making dreams come true

Dreams become reality when we plan and take action. With highly qualified counselors, Prepaze academy just does that.

We understand each student’s desires, intellect and talents and work closely with them to define a roadmap to move ahead in life. We provide complete support from choosing courses to volunteering actions to internships, so that they become confident and ready while applying to their dream college.