Grade 1 Programs

Grade 1 - Science

This course introduces students to the different types of habitats, how animals’ needs are met, and how different organisms differ. They also learn about the weather, energy, and technology.

What you'll learn

Unit 1 - Learn about the different necessities for organisms to survive, and explore various types of habitats.

Unit 2 - Learn about life cycles, adaptations, the food chain, and the different types of animals.

Unit 3 - Learn about the different types of land, other earth resources, fossils, and the 3 Rs.

Unit 4 - Learn about the different seasons, clouds, the difference between day and night, as well as the solar system.

Unit 5 - Learn about the different types of matter, as well as how matter can change under various circumstances.

Unit 6 - Learn about the basics of sound, speed, and magnetism.

Unit 7 - Learn about ways energy is used in real life, light, simple machines, and technology used for farming and communication.

Class Highlights

  • Thousands of practice problems and worksheets
  • Confidence-building, expert teachers
  • Excellent preparation for school classwork and assessments
  • Teacher-recommended curriculum and workbooks
  • Interactive, all-inclusive online practice platform included for free
  • Support students to gain independence in their education
  • Habitats and adaptations
  • Life cycles
  • Earth resources
  • Solar System
  • Matter
  • Energy, Sound, and Speed
Group ClassPrivate Class
Class Starts:


Course Duration:

75 mins

Class Schedule:

Once a week, Mon-Fri



  • Passionate and friendly teachers

  • Engaging classroom activities

  • Confidence boosting practical problem solving

  • School-recommended curriculum and workbooks