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The growing demand in engineering requires the skill of robotics. The Prepaze academy curriculum covers the complete essentials right from the scratch to the advanced level including both theory and practical sessions.

What you'll learn

Unit 1 - Introduction to Robotics: Understanding what robots are. Identifying basic parts of a robot.

Unit 2 - Simple Machines: Exploring simple mechanical concepts using hands-on activities. Building simple machines with robotics kits.

Unit 3 - Coding Concepts: Introduction to simple coding concepts. Coding exercises using visual programming languages. Understanding commands and sequences. Algorithm design and debugging.

Unit 4 - Sensor Technology: Introduction to sensors and their applications in robotics. Creating projects that involve sensor-based interactions.

Unit 5 - Robotics Ethics and Safety: Discussing ethical considerations in robotics. Implementing safety measures in robotics projects.

Unit 6 - Advanced Sensors and Actuators: Exploring advanced sensor technologies. Understanding different types of actuators.

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4 classes per month, each class is 60 mins long

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