Grade 7 Programs

Grade 7 - Science

In 7th grade, students will be focusing on Life Science. In this course, students will learn about the different organisms, their biological structures, cellular organization, and the major systems of the human body.

What you'll learn

Unit 1 - Learn about the various branches of science, common vocab used in biology, and safety precautions in labs.

Unit 2 - Learn about food webs and chains, history of life on Earth, the evolution of ecosystems, and the preservation of the planet.

Unit 3 - Learn about the five main processes of life, the basic needs of organisms, the cell theory, the organization of cells, and the similarities and differences between animal and plant cells.

Unit 4 - Learn about the classification of organisms, the characteristics of viruses, and the characteristics of specific kingdoms of organisms.

Unit 5 - Learn about fungus, the different forms of fungus, leaves, and photosynthesis, and the parts of a flower.

Unit 6 - Learn about sponges and worms, groups of arthropods, characteristics of insects, and the parts of a starfish.

Unit 7 - Learn about the characteristics of fish, amphibians, mammals, and birds, groups of mammals, and dichotomous keys.

Unit 8 - Learn about the different types of skeletal systems, bones, muscles, joints, and the muscular system.

Unit 9 - Learn about the 6 food groups, 6 major nutrients, as well as the parts and functions of the digestive system.

Unit 10 - Learn about the circulatory system, the heart, and blood, as well as the immune, respiratory, excretory, integumentary, and endocrine systems.

Unit 11 - Learn about the central and peripheral nervous systems, the senses, and the main systems of the human body.

Unit 12 - Learn about the history of genetics, probability, hereditary genes, DNA, and asexual reproduction.

Unit 13 - Learn about the impacts of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco on the human body and the prevention of drug usage.

Class Highlights

  • Thousands of practice problems and worksheets
  • Confidence-building, expert teachers
  • Excellent preparation for school classwork and assessments
  • Teacher-recommended curriculum and workbooks
  • Interactive, all-inclusive online practice platform included for free
  • Support students to gain independence in their education
  • Food webs and chains
  • Cell theory
  • Organism classification
  • Fungi
  • Human body systems
  • Genetics
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Course Duration:

75 mins

Class Schedule:

Once a week, Mon-Fri



  • Passionate and friendly teachers

  • Engaging classroom activities

  • Confidence boosting practical problem solving

  • School-recommended curriculum and workbooks