Grade 3 Programs

Grade 3 - English

A focal aspect of this course is developing ease when reading longer, multi-syllable words. Students will also learn about the etymology of words. They will learn how most words are derived from Latin and Greek, and what their suffixes mean.

What you'll learn

Unit 1 - Literature: Learn to refer to the text to answer comprehension questions, describe character traits, and identify non-literal language.

Unit 2 - Informational Text: Understand the relationship between a series of historical texts and distinguish personal opinion from the narrator’s perspective.

Unit 3 - Foundation Reading Skills: Learn to decompose multi-syllable words and comfortably read grade-level texts.

Unit 4 - Writing: Write opinion writing with strong supporting details, learn to form concluding sentences, and develop topics using facts.

Unit 5 - Speaking and Listening: Be prepared for group discussions in advance, contribute personal opinions in a group setting, offer detailed explanations verbally.

Class Highlights

  • Thousands of practice problems and worksheets
  • Confidence-building, expert teachers
  • Excellent preparation for school classwork and assessments
  • Teacher-recommended curriculum and workbooks
  • Interactive, all-inclusive online practice platform included for free
  • Support students to gain independence in their education
  • Word etymology
  • Tone identification
  • Decomposition of multi-syllable words
  • Fact-based writing
Group ClassPrivate Class
Class Starts:


Course Duration:

75 mins

Class Schedule:

Once a week, Mon-Fri



  • Passionate and friendly teachers

  • Engaging classroom activities

  • Confidence boosting practical problem solving

  • School-recommended curriculum and workbooks