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Prepaze Academy’s Geometry curriculum is designed to teach students about the fundamentals of geometric figures in two dimensional and three-dimensional planes. They will also be focusing a lot on geometric proofs, theorems, and postulates.

What you'll learn

Unit 1 - Understand the geometric qualities of points, lines, rays, and planes, measure and construct segments, learn to solve various sets of angles, and apply the midpoint and distance formulas in the coordinate plane.

Unit 2 - Apply inductive and deductive reasoning, use conditional statements, get introduced to biconditional statements and definitions, and write geometric and algebraic proofs.

Unit 3 - Learn about the properties of parallel and perpendicular lines, prove lines to be parallel, construct perpendicular lines, and find the slopes of lines in the coordinate plane.

Unit 4 - Identify congruence and similarity among triangles, classify triangles using angle measure, explore various theorems and postulates regarding angle measure classification get introduced to coordinate proofs.

Unit 5 - Understand and construct perpendicular and angle bisectors, solve for the median and altitude of a triangle, explore triangle inequalities, and apply the Pythagorean theorem in right triangles.

Unit 6 - Learn about the properties of polygons, the properties and conditions of parallelograms, the properties of special parallelograms, and the properties of kites and trapezoids.

Unit 7 - Apply ratios when solving for proportional shapes, learn about proportionality and transformations, and the properties of proportional triangles.

Unit 8 - Get introduced to trigonometric ratios in right triangles, solve unknown in right triangles, apply the rules for angles of elevation and depression, use the law of sines and cosines, and get a brief intro to vectors.

Unit 9 - Apply reflections, translations, and rotation in the coordinate plane to identify symmetry among shapes, and work with tessellations.

Unit 10 - Develop formulas for triangles and quadrilaterals, work with composite figures, find perimeter and area in the coordinate plane, and learn about the effects of dimensions on proportionality.

Unit 11 - Apply volume and area formulas for prisms, pyramids, cones, cylinders, and spheres.

Unit 12 - Delve into the geometry of circles, learning about lines intersecting circles, arcs and chords, sector area and arc lengths, inscribed angles, segments in circles, and circles in the coordinate plane.

Unit 13 - Apply permutations and combinations, learn about theoretical and experimental probability, work with independent and dependent events, and use two-way tables.

Class Highlights

  • Thousands of practice problems and worksheets
  • Confidence-building, expert teachers
  • Excellent preparation for school classwork and assessments
  • Teacher-recommended curriculum and workbooks
  • Interactive, all-inclusive online practice platform included for free
  • Support students to gain independence in their education
  • Formulas in the coordinate plane
  • Inductive vs. deductive reasoning
  • Line properties and constructions
  • Congruence and similarity in triangles
  • Constructions of bisectors
  • Properties of polygons
  • Trigonometric ratios
  • Transformations in the coordinate plane
  • Circles
  • Permutations, Combinations, and Probability
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Class Starts:


Course Duration:

75 mins

Class Schedule:

Once a week, Mon-Fri



  • Passionate and friendly teachers

  • Engaging classroom activities

  • Confidence boosting practical problem solving

  • School-recommended curriculum and workbooks