Grade 6 Programs

Grade 6 - English

By taking the 6th grade English course, our students will learn to analyze the author’s point of view, and his motivation to write the text. They will also learn how to distinguish claims that are written with accurate evidence from biased claims.

What you'll learn

Unit 1 - Literature: Cite textual evidence from passages, determine the theme from a text, use contextual clues for unknown vocabulary and phrases, and notice how an author presents his case in a text.

Unit 2 - Informational Text: Make inferences from a text, determine what details help an author convey his/her message, understand denotative and connotative meanings of phrases, and interpret information represented illustratively and graphically.

Unit 3 - Writing: Introduce claims, clearly organize evidence, support claims with clear reasoning, maintain a formal tone, and use proper transitions between paragraphs.

Unit 4 - Speaking and Listening: Engage in collaborative discussions regarding grade 6 texts, speak using defined roles, reflect over various perspectives, and interpret various forms of information as a group.

Class Highlights

  • Thousands of practice problems and worksheets
  • Confidence-building, expert teachers
  • Excellent preparation for school classwork and assessments
  • Teacher-recommended curriculums and workbooks
  • Interactive, all-inclusive online practice platform included for free
  • Support students to gain independence in their education
  • Citing from a passage
  • Connotative vs. Denotative meanings
  • Organized structure in essays
Group ClassPrivate Class
Class Starts:


Course Duration:

75 mins

Class Schedule:

Once a week, Mon-Fri



  • Passionate and friendly teachers

  • Engaging classroom activities

  • Confidence boosting practical problem solving

  • School-recommended curriculum and workbooks